The View from the Front. By Stan R. Mitchell.
Stan R. Mitchell: The View from the Front
Podcast Episode 10-26-23.

Podcast Episode 10-26-23.


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Welcome to The View from the Front. My name is Stan and this is the October 26th edition. 

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I really hope you get something out of it.


Timestamp: 15:47. The importance of passing funding for Israel and Ukraine. From the words of President Biden and Republican U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader of the United States Senate.

Timestamp: 20:44. Will Israel launch a ground war and fall into the trap (and plans) of Hamas? Increasing numbers of people are trying to stop this from happening. And here’s why Israel needs to be super cautious about what it does.

Timestamp: 35:19. How is the Arab world in the Middle East reacting to Israel and this crisis? (Note: Surprisingly, it’s not how you expect. This time, the crisis is different for Israel, and for once, the entire Arab world is not united against them. Things have changed.)

Timestamp: 42:46. The threat isn’t just to Israel, of course. A total of 21 US service members reported “minor injuries” as a result of drone and rocket attacks on coalition military bases in Iraq and Syria last week, the Pentagon has now disclosed.

Timestamp: 47:37. In Ukraine, the Russians are foolishly attempting to counter-attack in Avdiivka. (Spoiler alert: it’s not working and they’ve lost perhaps as much as a brigade of equipment, according to some news sources.) In other news, Ukrainian Marines have secured what could be a serious foothold on the Dnipro River left bank, holding ground almost a mile from the river near three communities.

Timestamp: 54:04. Motivation and wisdom. Some encouragement for you as you move along in your journey.

If you just happened to stumble by, let me say a quick word about what we’re doing here.

For those who don’t know, my name is Stan R. Mitchell, and I’m a prior Marine and journalist.

Every week, I primarily do three things with my podcast:

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That’s it for this edition.

As a reminder, please be kind and try your best to love your fellow Americans.

So many men and women have sacrificed, fought, and died to keep this country together the past 240-plus years. Please work daily to unite our country again. The vast majority of Americans are decent, loving, great people.

Also, please try to be a better person each and every day. Try to be kinder on social media and how you interact with others with whom you disagree.

Please join me again in our next episode, and please stay safe until then.

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Stan R. Mitchell

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The View from the Front. By Stan R. Mitchell.
Stan R. Mitchell: The View from the Front
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