The View from the Front. By Stan R. Mitchell.
Stan R. Mitchell: The View from the Front
Podcast Episode 8-24-23.
Podcast Episode 8-24-23.

Welcome to The View from the Front. My name is Stan and this is the Aug. 24th edition. 

If you just happened to stumble by, let me say a quick word about what we’re doing here.

For those who don’t know, my name is Stan R. Mitchell, and I’m a prior Marine and journalist.

Every week, I primarily do three things with my podcast:

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Timestamp: 12:07. Russia's most powerful mercenary Yevgeny Prigozhin was listed as having been on board a plane that crashed in Russia. I share the latest of what’s known about it as of Wendesday evening, 8/23/23.

Timestamp: 15:02. Ukraine will finally get the F-16s that they have wanted.

Timestamp: 17:29. Ukraine destroys a S-400, one of Russia’s premiere air defense systems.

Timestamp: 22:50. Russian helicopter pilot defects with helicopter AND spare jet parts.

Timestamp: 24:26. Ukraine drone strike reportedly destroys Russian supersonic bomber.

Timestamp: 28:01. The great debate. What is going on with Ukraine’s counteroffensive? Is it stuck and mired down? Or is it about to pay off? Two competing views

Timestamp: 37:15. General Mark Hertling’s views of the counter-offensive, and a small prediction from him.

Timestamp: 42:49. Why a peace deal with Russia is just a really bad idea right now.

Timestamp: 46:16. Debunking 10 of the most common myths about America’s financial support for Ukraine.

Timestamp: 52:07. Motivation and wisdom, just for you.

Source notes:

Podcast link: S400 destroyed; audio from The Telegraph’s Ukraine: The Latest podcast.

Russian military pilot reportedly defects to Ukraine with helicopter.

Ukraine drone strike reportedly destroys Russian supersonic bomber.

Ukraine’s hopes for maximal victory look remote.

The counterview of the offensive that I quote from (by Jonathan Sweet and Mark Toth).

Russia’s central bank raises interest rates to 12% after the ruble plunges.

General Hertling’s thread on Twitter that I quote from.

That’s it for this edition.

As a reminder, please be kind and try your best to love your fellow Americans.

So many men and women have sacrificed, fought, and died to keep this country together the past 240-plus years. Please work daily to unite our country again. The vast majority of Americans are decent, loving, great people.

Also, please try to be a better person each and every day. Try to be kinder on social media and how you interact with others with whom you disagree.

Please join me again in our next episode, and please stay safe until then.

And with that, I’m out.

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Love and peace,

Stan R. Mitchell

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The View from the Front. By Stan R. Mitchell.

Stan R. Mitchell: The View from the Front

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