The 10/1/21 dispatch.

Hope everyone has had a great week!

I thought I’d start this post off with my almost obsession with drones and robots, and how they will change the future of warfare.

Take a look at this baby below.

The Army calls it an autonomous weapons system known as “Origin.” And even with someone so knew and so quickly thrown together in a test environment, you can see that this is a serious threat to any enemy.

Medium machine gun. Anti-tank weapon. Fairly maneuverable platform that would go through (and over) most terrain.

You can read about it below, but clearly no lightly-armed force would do well against a bunch of these. (There’s even a good chance that no heavily-armed tank force would do well, either.)

I’m assuming some support members would have to be nearby to reload the antitank weapons, but I’d still rather this thing crest a hill and fire than have to do so myself. And that’s what these systems will help do: reduce casualties. (Especially when you add in supporting drones from above, artillery and mortar support, etc.) Read more below:

In other matters, moving back to Afghanistan, David Ignatius writes this:

From the column:

“The Afghanistan war was a painful failure for the United States, as our military commanders told Congress this week. The CIA’s role bookended that drama, at the dawn and sunset: The agency was first into Afghanistan after 9/11, working with tribal allies to topple the Taliban. And its officers and Afghan agents were among the last out, working undercover to evacuate as many Americans and Afghans as possible.

“The CIA made its own terrible mistakes in the war on terror. The worst was torturing al-Qaeda prisoners, but two decades of drone attacks and other counterterrorism operations were corrosive and shocked consciences, at home and abroad. But among former officers, the rescue of so many Afghan allies has generated a quiet buzz of satisfaction. Two former officers who served in Afghanistan told me the agency had rescued more than 20,000 Afghan partners and their families. The agency refused to comment on numbers.”

Ignatius wrote in his column that the CIA helped defend Kabul airport and worked outside the airport on covert missions, “sometimes posing as taxi drivers, to rescue Americans who were stranded or too frightened to make their way to the airport.”

Moving along, in the bad news department, there’s this:

This is beyond horrific, obviously, but I have no idea what to do about it. In a bit of a coincidence, I recently listened to a podcast about a daughter whose father had taken his own life. In this case, the man was a long-time cop.

I’m not sure why the suicide rate is so high among military, first responders, etc, but if you know any, reach out to them, show them as much love as you can.

Moving to lighter matters, in the crazy department, I had to share this (for those who haven’t seen it):

Two final quick things.

First, something funny. The Marine Corps posted the following tweet somewhat innocently a couple of days back:

And it was immediately followed by this amazing comment!

Okay, that should’ve made you laugh.

Moving on to the second thing, let’s end with some motivation:

That’s it for this post. Stay safe and be kind. As always, please share this post if you enjoyed it.


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