The 11/23/21 dispatch.

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We’ll start with plenty of bullet points on the massing of Russian troops on the Ukranian border.

First, this.

From the story:

And this is a look at what it could be like if Putin gave the “go” signal.

Finally, here’s some additional details about the situations and options the United States has.

I know that was a lot to take in about the threats from Russia, so here’s some lighter news on the China tensions:

However, this was a little concerning.

Moving along, in military news, there was this push back from the federal government regarding the Oklahoma National Guard not having to get vaccinated.

Moving to an area of operations that we just departed, the commander of U.S. Special Operations Command elaborated some on the situation in Afghanistan, saying in part:

"I don't see them as a partner — I'll just be frank," Army Gen. Richard D. Clarke, commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, said Friday at the annual Halifax International Security Forum event in Nova Scotia, Canada. "I think we have an interest from the U.S. perspective that the ISIS threat that is in Afghanistan is disrupted, that it can't roost [so that it could actually affect one of our nations. But I wouldn't, as we look at the Taliban, I don't think they're an entity, today, that should be ... a counterterrorism partner."

He also discussed the situation in the country and what options and strategies the United States have for the recently-departed country. Full story below, and well worth the read:

Now jumping to tech news, there was this:

Finally, let’s end with some motivation.

First, this:

Plus, this:

And finally this:

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