The 9/3/21 dispatch.

Just a few quick scattered shots for this post.

In Afghanistan, a force to the north is still fighting the Taliban. (I first mentioned this group in my 8/24 post.)

In other matters, I had predicted in my last post that America might team up with the Taliban. At that time, I wrote:

It turns out I was right about that.

And I’ve got to say, thank goodness that I was right about that. Not because I care one way or the other about the policy of us working with the Taliban or not, but because I was so wrong about the Afghan Army and how long it might hold out, that it nearly shook my confidence as a long-time watcher of foreign policy and conflict.

While we’re discussing that withdrawal (thanks to no real resistance), Jonathan Alter writes that we need to look at the withdrawal in a different light. Not only should we honor the incredible work of those involved in it, he also said we should change how we view it. He posted:

You can read Alter’s full piece here: A Ballsy President and His Historic Airlift. It’s honestly a great piece and helped challenge and persuade me on a couple of things.

Moving along still, while the U.S. is now out of the country (except for probably the CIA), the Taliban is still trying to desperately become a functioning country, making frantic preparations for commercial flights to come into the country.

And my final point about Afghanistan for this post. Our withdrawal and exit continue to frustrate some Europeans to no end. And right on time, this has come up again:

Before ending this post, let’s end on a good note. With so much bad news of late, and so much division as well, let’s end on an incredibly touching moment. (And I cannot confirm nor deny whether this one might have caused a tear or two.)

I dare you to watch it.

That’s it for this post. Stay safe and be kind. As always, please share this post if you enjoyed it.


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