Want to know more about conflicts and military matters that are happening throughout the world? Every Tuesday and Friday, I write about such things.

For example, the latest happening in Afghanistan or Iraq. How we’re aligning ourselves to counter China’s growing influence. Updates on new military technology that we’re fielding.

I do all of this from a moderate perspective that focuses on unity in our country. I also don’t believe in clickbait, over-the-top headlines, or other tactics to drive web traffic. You will always get the sober, mature view, with a slight bit of my optimism peering through.

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I will say that I do a lot of research for my articles, working hard to make sure they are factual and contextual. I also link to source content and use footnotes, so that you can double-check what I’m saying, and confirm whether or not I’m keeping it between the lines.

One other thing I try to do is write articles with as much thoughtfulness and solemnity as possible. You won’t see me posting flame-throwing articles or trying to add fuel to the rage machine on either side. (Remember, proud moderate here.)

I often tell people (and tweet) the following daily reminder: Before you tweet today, please remember that the vast majority of Americans are decent, loving, great people. Please pause and don’t name-call the other side with such anger and venom. They are mothers and fathers and folks not much different than you.

I firmly believe every word of that message and so I invite you to not only follow that creed, but also consider joining me as I build a small community of like-minded Americans who come together several times a week to discuss the national challenges that face us.

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