About me: I am a prior infantry Marine, who earned the rank of Sergeant and a Combat Action Ribbon in 1997, and I love doing this newsletter/podcast each week.

For those who don’t know, I discuss military and defense news every Thursday, as well as some history, motivation, and wisdom. (And I do all of this from a moderate perspective, with a strong emphasis on trying to unite the country, since I believe our wide division is the greatest current threat that our country faces.) 

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I strongly believe in the mission of this. Of trying to highlight what our military troops are doing around the world, and also in trying to unite this country. (Why I focus on foreign policy.)

I also believe the division in our country is the greatest threat this nation faces.

Every week, I try to address both of these issues.

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Also, I ALWAYS get asked about this: What are the details of your military career?

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Each week, I cover the news in a sophisticated and balanced manner, with an over-arching goal to unify our country. Besides covering the news in a respectful way, I end each show with some motivation and wisdom. #SupportOurMilitary #DefendDemocracy


Marine, optimist, and fan of politics, defense news, and motivation. Believer of unity and moderation. Also, people say my books and podcast rock.