I put out a weekly podcast, which you can find on Apple Podcasts here: The View from the Front. (Or, you can search for it on whatever podcast platform you use by searching my full name Stan R. Mitchell and/or The View from the Front.) .


I was interviewed by John Stamp, who spent twenty years in law enforcement, rising from city cop to eventually serving as a Special Agent with the FBI and NCIS. You can hear that interview here on Apple Podcasts. (Interview begins at the 5:05 mark.)

I also was interviewed recently by Author Jeff Clark.

Finally, because I’ve written a Western (Little Man, and the Dixon County War), I was interviewed about the best books I’ve read about the Wild West. Here are the best five I’ve ever read: The best books about the Wild West that you’ll ever read.

These are just some of my recent interviews. If you’d like to contact me or schedule an interview, reach out to me at: