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Hitting publish on an update as we speak. lol

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Thanks, brother.

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The Kossov article is interesting and provides some analysis.

As I said in a previous posting we need to push more equipment and material now. The Russian defensive strategy is like testing the tensile strength of steel called a stress-strain curve. The steel will maintain form until “yield strength.” Then it will it will bend and deform under strain until sudden failure called fracture.

Is that what we are seeing and reported in the Kossov’s article with the mobile defense? Maybe, time is a factor for both sides. Which brings me to the following point.

I am always annoyed when I hear certain Congressmen say we cannot send more aid to UA. I believe I understand their motivations and I don’t think it has anything to do with fiscal prudence. For comparison, the U.S. has appropriated $113 Billion to UA for aid. For perspective, according to Simply Wall St., the U.S. consumer spent $178.6 billion on soft drinks this year.

I know I am preaching here, but we need to support the UA and get them everything they need now. Putin’s premise for invasion was to establish old Russian Empire and annex ethnic Russian areas. If successful in UA, what will stop him in the Baltic States and establishing a land bridge to Kalingrad, RA?

An additional $113+ Billion to UA is a bargain compared to the alternative.

Keep up the hard work Marine!

Source Simply Wall St.: https://simplywall.st/markets/us/consumer-staples/beverage/soft-drinks

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Brilliant analysis, brother. Thanks for sharing it. I'll probably share part of it (with attribution of course) in next week's episode. Thanks, as always, for your support and encouragement. I trust if I ever get outside the lines or miss the mark, you'll let me know.



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