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My thoughts, the Russian Army of 2023 is not the Red Army of 1943 at Kursk. The Russian Army is more like the Confederate Army at Petersburg and the Germany Army 1918. At Petersburg there is an 8 month siege then after 1 April 1865 with the breakout by Union Troops, Lee surrenders on 9 April. The German Army in 1918 goes on the offensive after the Russian surrender. They seize some territory nothing strategic like Russia seizing Bakhmut. By November 1918 WWI is over.

This war is on a knife’s edge for UA. I would certainly like for the United States to through every resource at the problem, instead of trickling in the material and supplies. It’s frustrating to me as a Soldier observing the problem the UA Soldier is faced with.

I should point out that UA did send military support to OIF. https://history.army.mil/html/books/059/59-3-1/CMH_59-3-1.pdf

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I really hope Russia IS in more trouble! And it looks like it. I presume Ukraine allies are helping Zelenskyy with strategy and war tactics, Stan. I do hope so.

Excellent summary as always, Stan. Thank you. 🧡

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